Case Studies: Businesses saving up to 70% on acquisition costs

Firstly may I ask...

If one simple action cut your lead acquisition costs by at least half would you like to see it?

If so these results from the case studies below will interest you...

  • Paying $0.51 PPC costs instead of $30.96 per click (Omni targeting/search)
  • Or £19.81 CPA instead of £52.80 (Omni targeting/video/banner ads/no Google)
  • Or $7.45 CPA instead of $125.00 (Omni targeting/search)

Could cutting costs like this help your ads become more profitable?

Other clients are doing just that. 

See for yourself...

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Mould and Water Damage is a highly competitive sector.

Client wanted to increase click/lead volume.


Their pay per click prices are high, so getting the same high quality leads yet cutting costs by well over 70% is a big win for them.

Elderly Care is often in the news over soaring costs.

This video and display ad case study is a good news story though. Client saved ad spend by using a new way of ad targeting. 

It's also a double win as they can't use Google.

Small Family Business Providing Storage Containers saves money.

Client was forking out $12.00 per click in their search PPC campaigns.

Now this better way of targeting gets same quality clicks at $0.30.

Want results like this?

If so then see how you do it below...

Plus another case study result that got one client nearly six times more clicks while... saving them $13,266.96 on their acquisition costs too (click the sky blue 'VIDS' button inside the video below for all the details).

Good eh?