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'Done For You' Content Packages

Are you sick of constantly having to come up with content to feed the bottomless pit Social Media Monster?

Don't blame you...

Most busy bosses are.

Though what choice do you have?

Yet even when you do create all that 'stuff'... the view span life of social media (even B2B) is horribly short.

How short?

  • Facebook post = 5 hours (that's it!)
  • Twitter life = a puny 18 minutes.
  • Instagram = 21 hours, but 'swipe' you're gone :)
  • LinkedIn = 24 hours and same... bite the dust, you're gone.

So what's the answer?

Well, we suggest working smarter with your cool stuff.

In a world where so many run around producing endless social media posts which are instantly forgotten anyway, we'd like to take a different approach.

Instead why not...

Take what you are super proud of and is high quality anyway...

Then chop it into small bite sized chunks which powerfully grab peoples attention and that they can easily consume. Then share those, multiplying the reach of all your content X10, 20, 30 times over.


In a world of complexity and confusion...

Bite sized, easy to consume chunks is where it's at.

And here's the thing...

If you use grab attention with the right ad copy, then folks will stop.

They will view your short video, read your post, quote, check out your meme etc and instantly absorb your message.


Because this content is built from high quality content you already know is good... then it's likely to engage browsers in your niche isn't it?

Now comes the cool bit...

  1. Over the next few days they start seeing other social content/assets based off this core high quality content... so your message hits home.
  2. Then here comes the ultimate BIG GUN... you combine this 'multiplication effect' of your sliced and diced repackaged content by setting up OMNI TARGETING with that same 'old is new' content :)

Doing the above will then mean you can follow interested parties for up to 18 months, which all starts by you utilising the best of what you already have got.

Of course, you could this yourself...

It would just take time... good copywriters and more design/graphic ingenuity.

Though why bother?

We provide a weekly done for you social content package (And of course when you combine this with Omni Targeting it's very potent).

Each week you get...

  • Landscape Video Meme (or Audiogram): 1920px x 1080px (no captions on the video for video or audio. You get the caption file to upload to YouTube yourself or ask us for captions on the video file if you wish).

  • Square Video Meme or Audiogram: 1080px x 1080px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions.

  • Vertical Video Meme or Audiogram: 1080px x 1920px with captions on the video for video or audio submissions.

  • Square Image Quote: 1080px x 1080px, 25 words.

  • Vertical Image Quote: 1920px x 1080px, 25 words.

  • Landscape Image Quote: 1200px x 675px, 25 words.

  • Landscape YouTube Thumbnail: 1920px x 1080px.

  • Square Facebook Ads Thumbnail: 1080px x 1080px with all text scaled to under 20% of the image. (Helps you get Facebook Video Ads approved which are text heavy)

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