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Dave Alston and Bill George

​​True story...

"Dave had been generating leads for my Financial Advice business for years. 
When other advisors were paying £5.00 - £9.00 per click in Google Adwords, due to Dave I was paying between 61p and £2.98. The ads converted into good clients​.

Later when costs crept over £2.50 a click I asked if we should try alternatives.
​He said... "Let's test YouTube Ads... it looks virgin territory!"
That was in 2015 or so.
​Our first ad got me thousands of ​views at 11p per video ad view.
​That's not the best part though. ​​​The ads brought in high net worth clients. Some invested over a million pounds with me. ​​With cost to acquire customers so low I couldn't have been happier.
​Dave's been my secret online marketing weapon for years. 
​Over that time we've become great friends so combining forces in George & Alston Media Ltd is simply a natural progression for what we were doing anyway.
I must say though...
Everything we've known about marketing is being disrupted.
So if you know how to sell online you've a big edge.
We're here to help you profit from this new era of online advertising in these areas: Online Ads. Video Marketing. Smart TV (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku TV etc).
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