How Much Should You Pay For Your Video Ads?

An alarm and an egg? 

No, instead...

​Does 39p sound fair?

Google report the 'average' advertiser pays 42 cents (39p) per view (CPV). And 39p to show your full video is not bad is it?

Yet would 10p, or even 5p suit you better? Well by tweaking your  keywords and targeting it's very possible plus...

TOP TIP: Use TV too

Did you know Google reveal almost 20% of people watch YouTube DIRECT ON SMART TVs? That's 180 million hours viewed PER DAY! (Google June 2018 - an exploding new lifestyle trend).

So why is this good for advertisers wanting to reach highly targeted audiences affordably with a proven way to convert buyers?

Well picture you're a fishing business for example...

Maybe you'd like to tap into the huge YouTube fishing channel audiences of millions to sell your fishing books, reels, rods, baits etc.

So you'd take a 30-60 second video tapping prime keywords (those targeting hard core anglers). Let's use this slightly daft 'Diawa Basia' video aimed at carp anglers to give you an idea...

Place your video ad on anglers Smart TVs for 10p or less per view.

Your ads target anglers on their favourite fishing channels.


Pitching anglers in their living rooms as they watch the fishing programs they love.

Good eh?

It's way more powerful than that though...

From YouTube you then auto follow (using Omni Targeting) those same targeted anglers and show your video ads across all their devices. Smart TV, mobile, desktop etc over days, weeks months to come knowing they've expressed interest in what you do.

Here's why you can do this affordably...

Whereas Facebook has fierce competition and frequent ad price hikes, YouTube has almost limitless inventory and just now... it's still at affordable prices (before others realise).

Which is getting your video ads in front of your target audience cost effectively has probably never been easier than it right now. Picture it - your video ads on TV at 10p or less per view!*


It's almost like Google Adwords in 2003 all over again.

Are you excited yet?

Then check out the details by hitting the red button.

*PS Though we say 10p, we like to be conservative. Many times our team can get 5p... or less.